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AHC Healthy Hospital Hints

Healthy Soda Alternatives

            A recent study by the Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports just one 12 ounce soda per day can increase the chance of cardiovascular disease (CVD) by 30%. Cardiovascular disease refers to heart conditions which involve narrowed or blocked blood vessels. Narrowed or blocked vessels can lead to chest pain, heart attack, or stroke. The real risk does not come from the soda itself, but from the sugar within the soda. Overconsumption of sugar can cause an increase in body fat as well as a rise in several inflammatory markers. This combination is what leads to CVD. Therefore, cutting sugar from the diet is essential to decrease the chance of heart disease.

            There are differing opinions on how much sugar is acceptable in a healthy diet. The Institute of Medicine says total sugar intake should be less than 25% of total calories. The American Heart Association has stricter guidelines with sugar being kept to less than 100 calories per day or about 5% of total calories. The study suggests risk of cardiovascular disease increases when sugar consumption surpasses 15% of daily calories. Having just one 12 ounce Mountain Dew per day reaches the 15% mark. While having one pop per day may seem completely harmless, the long term effects should really be considered.

            Deciding to replace soda with beverages that do not contain the sweet stuff can positively affect your health. Water is an obvious healthy replacement. If you miss the “fizzy” pop provides, you can opt for carbonated water. Flavored water can be used if you do not like the taste of water by itself. Even better, you can use a fruit infuser bottle to pick and choose the flavors you want every day. Choosing to limit soda intake is a great place to start or to continue on the journey to a healthy lifestyle. Your heart and body will thank you!

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